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RELLC will maximize your project budget with Cost Engineering and feasibility studies to best meet the contract results you or your client need to acquire with comparative analysisof the Civil Construction work.  RELLC offers comprehensive Construction Management of subcontractors, vendors, labor, equipment, and other needs. Furthermore we can also self-perform the Civil Construction work for you!
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At Roman Engineering, LLC, (RELLC) we take time to listen to your concerns. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Heavy Civil Construction work specialist.

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Roman Engineering, LLC (RELLC) in Swampscott, Massachusetts, is a Consulting & Construction company offering cost engineering, management and related services for the "Heavy Civil Construction Industry" sector inclusive of the following; Sitework, Earthwork/Support, Underground Utilities, Marine Shoreline Protection, Demolition, Onsite Recycling/Reclamation, Contaminated Soil Remediation, and Above Ground Mining. RELLC provides this expertise to Contractors, Developers, Federal/State/Municipal agencies, Engineering/Architectual design firms and Insurance Bonding Companies to create the budgets, streamline the project's cost impact and contract schedule with innovative "Means/Methods" and "Feasiblility Studies" or RELLC can "Self-Perform" the work for them. Having operated within the Civil Industry for more than 35 years with successfully completed projects from $100,000 to $25,000,000 in magnitude; RELLC is BBB Accredited and has numerous testimonials  from previous clients along with video/photo gallery of past projects available here on our website for your review. 


  The "Romans" were genius engineers and master builders of the know ancient western world for many centuries, they performed construction feats that are still considered "engineering marvels" today such as the; Appianway Roads, Aqua ducts, Sewer & Drainage sytems, Heated buildings, Coliseums, Fortifications and Harbors. Their ability to create durable building techniques with simple materials such as rock, earth, clay, concrete and metals that could last for centuries was what really got me interested in Civil work.

  Being the son of a "stone mason" (Frank B. Roberto) who learned the craft in Rome Italy, I worked for our small family masonry business "Fine Masonry, Inc." where I learned a great deal from my father about; Stone Retaining walls, Fireplaces & Chimnies, Stone Foundations, Stone Arches and many other hand built structures made of simple materials like; rock, clay, cement and metals just like the ancient Romans. I went on to acquire a Civil Engineer's degree and got my BS majoring in "Soils & Foundation Engineering". I continued my professional career with prominent local Site, Marine and General Contractors as an; Engineer, Supervisor, Project Manager and Estimator always specializing with the Civil aspects of the projects. After 35 years of experience in the Heavy Civil Construction Industry completing projects such as; Industrial Park Sitework, Residential Development Sitework, Roadways, Causeways, Bridges, Deep Building Foundation Excavations with Earth Support Systems, Onsite Demolition/Recycling, River/Ocean Revetment, Ledge Blasting/Processing Materials, and Underground Utilities; These contracts range in magnitude from $100,000 to $25,000,000 with the experience of owning my own onsite recycling company "Beneficial Site Recycling, Inc.", I can now use all my knowledge to help smaller less capable companies undertake more complex projects without having to employ a fulltime above mentioned professional. RELLC can provide the cost engineering and or management on a part-time bases or per contract/project. This service alleviates the stress of having to fulltime employ a specialist by a small company with limited resources, thus allowing your company to benefit from our experience, increase profit and grow. RELLC can also joint venture projects with the ability to acquire equipment and manpower as needed for specific contracts.

   Allow RELLC to fulfill your up coming Civil contract or project needs with our expertise on standby. Are your short on time for an upcoming bid? Light on management staffing? Want to joint venture a project?  Or would want me to self-perform the Civil construction work for you? Call me to help you not miss out on any opportunities that you don't have time for, or can't accomplish on your own!

  See gallery of project participation where Cost Engineering, Management, Joint Ventured or Self-performed Civil constructin work 1980 thru 2015.

  See video of "Coastal Bank & Slope Stabilizaion"  project Nahant, MA self-performed by Roman Engineering, LLC 2015.

  See article written on the " DCR Lynn/Nahant Causeway, MA" project by "Construction Equipment Guide" magazine 2013; Click Here

  See "Marblehead Neck Causeway Rehabilitation & Seawall Construction" Video taken 2008 by the Town of Marblehead, MA.

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